StuArt – A Tribute

Today,  our blogging pal Ranger is having a “blog hop” featuring images of Stuart’s (The Scottie Chronicles)  fellow bloggers and followers.  Mama can’t figure out how to get my portrait up on Ranger’s blog, so we are going this route.  Each week, usually on Wednesday’s, Stuart’s Mama who is known as the Peepstress,  posts a wonderful portrait of Stuart.  This is known as StuArt.  Ranger thought that would be a great tribute to Stuart, and we agree!  Mama wanted to post this one of me (above)….I had found my furever home and was about two years old at the time.  While that is my “official portrait” done by my Aunt Addren Doss, there are some other cool portraits of me that were done  from photos, using an app.Skyler by Lesley Ryan Connor

I think Mama did this one with WaterlogueSpecial Skyler Photo from Joan Walker July 2015

Then, My Auntie Joan Walker did this one with SuperPhoto (or maybe PhotoMania).

Many of our FB friends are using these apps and doing a fabulous job.  For the best effect, we think you need a photo with  several  diferent colors and textures to make it really cool .  Mama has a lot of fun looking for a good photo candidate and then experimenting.

But back to Stuart and Ranger.  Stuart, we miss you everyday.  Your illness manifested itself and within a few weeks, you had to leave us.  While you may have  left us on earth – never in our hearts and minds.  Every time we eat a green bean, you’re here, and  we are thrilled that your Blog continues !  We are especially curious how Sniglet, your  next door neighbor and bestie got her name, but that’s a great topic for another blog.

You may remember that Stuart’s breeder wanted to kill him as a puppy because he had such an unusual, and we think, beautiful coat (unbelievable, but true).  He was so distinctive and handsome… his coat was  black with some splashes of white; Stuart  had a huge white star on his back.  But thank goodness his Aunt Carol intervened and saved him, and the Peepstress and her husband adopted and adored him.

Ranger, sorry Mama couldn’t figure out how to get my portrait on your blog, but based on what we’ve seen, you are getting some great participation!





  1. Sweet William The Scot · January 31, 2016

    I like the water color.
    You go to where it says enter here on Ranger or anyone who is in the hop.
    Put in 1.
    2. would read your title ~ What you want to call it
    3. would read your e-mail address.
    Your Name Skylerbraveheart
    4. Hit get an image from web your blog pops up, select the image you want, then hit O.K. It will crop or you can crop. It is a box you move around.
    Then Your picture is in the Linky Line Up.

    Sweet William The Scot

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  2. Sweet William The Scot · January 31, 2016


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  3. indyandlucy · January 31, 2016

    Take that back. You don’t have the code! hahahahah

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    • theguster · January 31, 2016

      Bless you for this heartfelt post today in place of Ranger’s Blog. Your comments and feelings about Stuart are felt by us all. If time does heal all wounds, I pray that his peeps hearts heal and that they find peace once again.
      It is what Stuart would want.

      McDuff & Mom

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      • Skyler Braveheart · January 31, 2016

        Thank you McDuff & Mom. You are always so kind ! We were always delighted by Stuart, and along with you and our other friends, miss him dearly. Sweet William showed us how to get on, and the third time was the charm !

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    • Skyler Braveheart · January 31, 2016

      Thank you Sweet William – we followed your instructions and SHAZAM ! That was very kind of you.

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    • Skyler Braveheart · January 31, 2016

      Well, SOME PAWSONS like Sweet William The Scot, was kind enough to tell us exactly how to do it. And we did. That is all.

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  4. Skyler Braveheart · January 31, 2016

    Mama got a code, but couldn’t figure out where to paste it on Ranger’s site. So nah nah noo noo nee nee to you too!


  5. The Scottie Chronicles · January 31, 2016

    This is so lovely. Thank you so much for your kind words and your comfort during our tragedy. Indeed, it is a tragedy to live in a home without our Stuart. Your art is pawsome!

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  6. Kismet · February 1, 2016

    It is StuART approved.

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  7. lauramarec · February 1, 2016

    Thank you for your beautiful tribute to our buddy Stu, Skyler! Those paintings of you made from photos are just beautiful, and we’re sure that Stu likes them too! Stu was a work of art himself with his unique and gorgeous white chest and white splash atop his neck. How anyone would have thought he was not perfect because he was different is unbelievable. We are so happy that he was saved for his Peepsterss and PeepDad and for all of us. There are miracles after all, and Stu sure is a miracle in his beautiful and special life that he shared with all of us. We miss him very much!
    Barks and kisses,
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl

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  8. Skyler Braveheart · February 1, 2016

    We think the Art Hop idea was a fab one, and are so glad you enjoyed out post. Ranger had a lot of great art on his site. Of course, after Mama hit send, she realized she had forgotten two other examples…but we will save them for next time !


  9. corkscot · February 2, 2016

    Although I am following you, I never get your feed in my mailbox. I found it one Facebook and clicked on it. We are two computer challenged people. I did a lousy job on the blog yesterday too. I don’t want you to think that I am ignoring you because you always post on my blog.


    • Skyler Braveheart · February 2, 2016

      We don’t feel that way at all. We are still trying tom figure out how to follow some of our friend’s blogs, and, we don’t post everyday, because Mama can’t come up with a topic. So no worries!


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