A Well Lived Year

We got one of those Christmas letters…you know the drill:  We won the Lottery, my husband bought me a Porche, all my grandchildren made Eagle Scout, and we have just signed a lease in perpetuity with the Solar people on what was a dormant field.  So naturally, that got me to thinking and making some notes. None of those things happened for us, and while we are very happy for our pals, we ( Mama and I) had a pretty good year too.

We travelled a lot.  More than we thought till we made our list…..2 trips to Charleston – one that played out during the flood, including a most joyous wedding;  a trip to Nashville to see friends we haven’t seen in many, many years; visits to Philadelphia, Washington, and of course, our annual  trip to Fala To The Rescue in Warm Springs, Ga  where we reunite with old friends (including  those who paired me up with Mama),  explore Biker’s Alley,  and make new friends.  This year Warm Springs  was extra awesome because my pal McTavish and I got two days of blissful exploring (which included two days of bacon)  whilst our Mama’s had fun too.

Here’s a  novelty –  we had guests…yes guests! This necessitated some much needed improvements benefitting them  and  us.  One special guest was our cousin Alan, from London. Our family has experienced some big losses, so this was quite lovely. And, we got to reciprocate with a  childhood  friend, her husband and my pal Betsy Fred from Philadelphia who have hosted us many times.  We ended the year with new drapes and coverlet, just in time for a quick visit from dear pals who were in transit to their winter home in Florida.

2015 began  a great, monthly  treat…a throw down at Aunt Ashley’s Spa with the Parks Clan.  We get our baths and grooms, and then we play, play, play!  Mama and Aunt Karen drop us off, have lunch, shop, do whatever, and then they come back and rub our tummies, throw balls and tell us how good we smell and how handsome ( and beautimous) we are.  Auntie Karen takes lots of pictures and videos.  Not too shabby.  Facebook friends  from Australia who were visiting States  joined us for one such session. They proved to be a great deal of fun, and we hope to see them this Spring.

While I didn’t go on these day trips,  at various times, Mama drove several dogs who were rescued from  puppy mills to a Vet in Raleigh, or, to a Rescue appropriate to their breed.

And, because of my blog, we are following bloggers we wouldn’t have been able to meet or learn more about  otherwise, including Indy and Lucy. And,  there is  Kismet,  a very intelligent, beautiful Parrot who bogs on behalf of her Scottie housemates.   It was a huge blow to lose one of these friends, Stuart. He was diagnosed with a heart condition,  and  in just a few weeks  he was gone. An ocean of tears from across the Blogsphere.   We hope to stay in touch, as   Stuart’s  Peepstress promises to continue The Scottie Chronicles, and we sure hope she will.

I don’t get to go junking….errrr…treasure hunting….. with Auntie Linda Rosenberg, Mama and Auntie Karen. This year’s hunt included some really special finds and who knows what they will come up with in 2016?

One adventure I know of in 2016.  We are traveling  to Door County with the Parks Clan.  Details as they happen…let’s just say it will be quite the excursion.

I touched on our grievous loses in my last blog. Scottie friends  who were bigger than life its own self.   Many reputable sources tell us that they are flourishing at the Rainbow Bridge, under the direction of our Leader, Angus Fala, so we know this intell to be true.  Dear friends, you are sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

Wishing you all the best in 2016…since it’s a Leap Year, I will be taking some leaps….but you WILL be in the loop.

Skyler Braveheart





  1. indyandlucy · January 1, 2016

    A very well lived year

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kismet · January 1, 2016

    Wing bump. OK, fake it and pretend you can do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Skyler Braveheart · January 1, 2016

    As usual Kismet, you are en point !


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