Elvis is dead and I don’t feel too good myself ( with appologies to Louis Grizzard

I thought I was going to fill you in on the rest of our Warm Springs trip, but life (and WordPress) has a way of changing.  Don’t know why my internal  blog set up looks like this, but it appears that Word Press has moved along too.  This child is  not going to sweat the small stuff however.

Tonight, I want to use my space to mourn the loss of a dear friend Ruffles, and make some other comments. Ruffles lived in Singapore with her pal Munchkin and fought the fiercest fight ever with cancer.  She died this Monday, November the 23rd, coincidentally the 3rd anniversary of Noah’s death from the same disease.  My friend Stuart in Richmond is in big trouble, and another dear friend Ashley McKinna lost her brother Angus to Cushing’s earlier this year.  Her hooman Mom’s puppy, just a wee baby, sweetly named Cary Grant,   has been discovered to have very severe heart issues, and may only live a few months…or a few weeks.  And these are only a few examples of friends who are terminally ill or getting a wretched diagnosis.  The wrenching loss of our dear friends  is hitting me hard, hitting Mama hard, heck all our Scottie friends are hurting from these  terrible loses. My point being:  if you have a chance to donate to any kind of medical research for dogs, or any breed,  please do.  Give whatever you can.  Scotties are  literally passing away in droves, and other breeds are not immune from terrible diseases either.  If you were going to give me a Christmas gift, I thank you and ask instead that you give that money to your favorite Rescue,  or a charity that supports medical research for us four footers.   You may not think that a  modest gift  will make a difference…but it will!  It could by a test tube or other lab equipment …… small gifts can mount up and make a really BIG difference. (My Aunt Kathy says that’s the way The March of Dimes started)    I bet those gifts will  grow,  AND  I’ll still know you love me, promise!




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  2. Kismet · November 25, 2015

    Amen. The peeps’ Christmas gifts to each other are split between the rescue organizations they support and the National Canine Cancer Foundation. We lost Kyla to melanoma last December 17.

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  3. theguster · November 25, 2015

    There seems to be an abundance of sickness and sad news about our beloved dogs lately. It is just too sad. Your suggestion is wonderful. Every bit helps. I usually support rescue groups, especially the scotties in need at Scottie Kingdom Rescue in Dallas, TX, who are committed to saving every scottie no matter what their illness is. It breaks my heart to read some of the stories of how they wound up in rescue. The National Canine Cancer Foundation that Kismet mentioned will be another on my list to support.

    McDuff & Mom


  4. Skyler Braveheart · November 26, 2015

    McDuff & Mom, you have big hearts too! Mama and I are also glad Kismet mentioned The National Canine Cancer Foundation too. And thanks for mentioning the Scottie Kingdom Rescue. What a wondeful mission! As a Rescue, I can appreciate their path.


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