It’s Almost Time for Warm Springs and Fala To The Rescue Day !

Skyler packed and ready to rideYep, we be traveling soon to one of our most favorite events, Fala To The Rescue Day in Warm Springs, Georgia.  Mama learned about me from Frances Schwartz Nelson and  Kathy Dannecker Nixon at the Alabama Scottish Terrier Rescue Association.  The Mater was cleared to adopt me and she and PawPaw picked me up in late January or early February 2012 in Atlanta. Both Aunt Frances and Aunt Kathy insisted that we come  to what used to be called Fala Day.  After PawPaw died that August, Mama decided we were going to go to Warm Springs and show everyone that I was doing just fine,  our second goal being  to meet Peeps and their dogs,  make some new friends and, SCORE!  we did!. Bronywn Jennings and Cindy Spraggins at Fala Day We got to meet Aunt Frances and Aunt Kathy (who found me as a surrender in Atlanta,  and really wanted to keep me, but Uncle Bill said no). To our surprise, The Mater actually knew someone there from her days in Montgomery Alabama.  Small World Department!  We met a bunch of really great peeps, including our FB friends Bronwyn Jennings and Cindy Fulmer Spraggins with Eleanor (above).  That’s Aunt Beril Murray in the kilt, behind Aunt Cindy.  She comes from Australia every year!  That first year,  we were adopted by Patti Jo Justice and we hung out with  her crew.  Mama and Patti Jo share a similar sense of humor and the desire to, shall we say, get into an adventure, although Aunt Patti is the winner in the common sense department. One night Warm Springs School Bus Biker's Alley 2014last year,  they attempted  to climb up into a closed train car that is a Biker bar during Biker season……they were not successful, but hope springs eternal (no wine was involved in this mission).   The Little White House, is Mama’s favorite place to visit.  After that, she loves  to hang out and take pictures in Biker’s Alley…it’s filled with all kinds of stuff, like the School Bus pictured above. She tried to seat me on the bus last year, but that dog didn’t hunt.Fala's collar  Auntie Ashley is giving me and the Parks Clan a major groom this Saturday, and then WHAM, we will be in Warm Springs  before you know it.  More news as it happens, over and out, SB


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  1. Skyler Braveheart · October 28, 2015

    Lordy you are sharp Ms Kismet!


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