I Always Wanted a Curly Coat…….

Skyler New Groom Oct 28 2012

After basking in the brilliance of the new switch plates, we voted, and you know who went  to Lowe’s and bought what was needed for certain rooms.  We had a very clever inventory list….looked like: (4)  3*,  (3) 2*,  10 (2#) ….you get the idea.  We were installing fools……Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Upstairs  Bathroom….wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  The Mater stopped and said her wrist hurt…we had the old fashioned, manual  screwdriver just sparking.

Tonight, Mama was invited to a party and when she told our hosts what we had been doing all day, they said…..”Of course, you shut off the electricity, prior to installing.”  Blank look from the Mater. “No, no, we were just replacing covers, not the switches”,  she said.  PAUSE IN CONVERSATION  ” Of course you know there are live wires behind those switches?   WHOOPS !  Not sure what our project will be for tomorrow………..


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