Won and Semi Done

Guest bathroom Sept 2015

Those who tuned in to yesterday’s drama were treated to all the frustrating obstacles I encountered whilst coaching Mama on how to hang these pictures of Noah.  She couldn’t find/ let’s face it, lost  the hammer, the picture hooks were all wrong, she hung the pictures incorrectly……I could go on and on, but I won’t.  Cause we are won and done on the left side.  Bookends from Aunt Helen in Reidsville, found whilst treasure hunting with Auntie Karen. Mama not sure of where she found  the Wheaten figurine,  but yep, for Mama it works.  WHEW !.  The right side of the room is not doing so well.  One pic of Noah and a BIG GAP!  How can this be?????   Worry not, the Mater has found prints she ordered from Ebay many years ago….. Cecil Aldren,  “Just Among Friends”.  Off to Aunt Cindy on Tuesday to get framed and then, our work WILL BE DONE!  We will not be laboring tomorrow.  Be safe y’all !



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  2. indyandlucy · September 5, 2015

    We want you to redo a whole wing when we come to visit. We will also need a fenced area.

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  3. Skyler Braveheart · September 6, 2015

    You do like wallpaper? And a view?


  4. Kismet · September 6, 2015

    Decorating isn’t fair on a holiday weekend. You should spend it being pamperied Scotties.

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  5. Skyler Braveheart · September 6, 2015

    Kismet, I went for a groom yesterday. All cleaning, decorating activities have been suspended for the weekend.


  6. susan rogers · September 9, 2015

    looks fabulous!

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