My Trip to Nashville, by Skyler Braveheart

Gail's dog Mia August 2015Gail's dog Robin August 2015

Last week, early one morning, and I do mean early, Mama sez…..Dude, let’s go to Nashville!  I had been watching her pack my luggage, but didn’t have a clue until we got in the car and started driving.  We were toodling along until we got stopped for about 30 minutes till a rockslide was cleared…..Mama thought that was pretty cool….but boy, did she have a meltdown when we stopped  about 45 miles out of Knoxville and found out that we had 3 + more hours to drive….MapQuest said 7 hours, reality is 8 1/2-9 hours from our house. But, as Mama sez, MapQuest was probably developed by middle aged, menopausal white men, so whatcha’ going to do?   Anyhoo, we arrived at our destination, and our hostess, who had given The Mater Josh and Noah, her first 2 Scotties, introduced us to Mia (left) and Robin (right).   Mia was immediately “Come on in, what can I get you?” and Robin was “This is my house and don’t forget it.”  So Mia and I played and shared toys…which means she gave me her pink Kong to chew on and I gave her my Owl to play with.  Robin suspected that Mama was a softie and had an immediate need for my cookie stash, no toy bribes tolerated.  She settled outside Mama’s door and collected her rewards.

What a learning week for me!  All the rooms had cool little gates that latched, so I could look out and see what Mama was doing if she wasn’t with me.  Robin was generally on the other side of the gate, hoping for treats.   But I must confess, I whined when I couldn’t see the Mater.  So much so that when she and our hostess Gail left the house, they either brought me with them or stashed me at my Aunt Leah’s.

Our dance card was filled!.  Mama’s dear friend Susan and her two boys came from Oregon….Mama hadn’t seen Susan in 11 years, or met her sweet sons Samuel and Ian  (Aunt Leah is Susan’s Mom)….and, she hadn’t seen Gail and Leah since Gail gifted her with Noah.( and that was well before my time).  The very first thing Aunt Gail did was give Mama pictures of Noah getting some of his Best of Winners and Winners Dog ribbons…….they both kind of boo- hooed a tiny bit over the photos.

Mama and I  got to know Gail’s very lovely  neighborhood and park on our walks, and  between Aunties Gail, Leah and Susan, we saw a lot of Nashville and had a really pawesome time.  Gail gave us a huge tour – from Vanderbilt to the Country Music Hall of Fame……. Mama swears she saw Luke Bryant.  Yeah sure.  What Gail didn’t show us, Leah and Susan did.

I learned a lot about getting along with other dogs, and how to spend some time without Mama.  I must admit I haven’t perfected how to get along without being within eyesight of Mama, but I am making progress.  On Saturday,  my Aunt Provie and Uncle Frank drove 2 hours each way  from Alabama to see us!  So in order for Mama to have lunch with them, Auntie Gail watched me. The Mater came home and asked how I did.  “Just fine”, said Gail.,..”.he sat by the door, waiting for you and didn’t move”.  Ooopsie!

On our last day, we walked to a pet supply store and bought Mia a Kong to to make up for my hogging her pink….yes pink…Kong. The Owner was so lovely…she helped us find a Kong toy for Mia and gave me an Elk treat to take home to share and fixed me a bowl of fresh cool water…I’m definitely going back to her store!

All too soon our time was up.  Robin was beginning to like Mama! She sat right by the Mater, twined between her legs,  and  allowed herself to be picked up and smooched on. But once again, early in the rainy, dark AM, Mama popped me in my kennel, and presto, we were screaming down I-40 once again.   I must say I had myself a very fine time!



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  2. indyandlucy · August 25, 2015

    That was a wonderful adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Skyler Braveheart · August 25, 2015

    When Mama puts me in the car…..Dog is my compass…………


  4. Kismet · August 25, 2015

    You should have gone west on I-40 and then South on I-17 at Flagstaff. Only 1½ more to us!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ginaandjordanandmolly · August 25, 2015

    Great fun was had by all

    Liked by 1 person

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