Graphic Scenes Part 2

Lucky bite July 2015

Mama finally went to the Dr on Friday, and got a script for antibiotics. Today, she can see her knuckles, so things are getting back to normal.  She can drive with both hands, put her ring back on and wear her bracelet, although she had to give it a little push.  She went to Reidsville yesterday to meet Aunt Karen while Dougall and Finnie were getting groomed.  They both like Mama,  Today, we saw Bert on our walk.  His owner says that Mama is one of the few hoomans Bert likes.  Plus our doggie nephew Nicholas drove by while we were taking our walk.  He always screams for Mama so his Peep had to stop so Nicholas could give her greetings and lick her face.  I like Nicholas, so it’s ok with me.  Mama needed some love from other dogs…she was getting a little paranoid there for a while.  Now she is thinking Lucky was a blip on the radar screen.  She assures me that her path and Lucky’s will not ever intersect again.  OK, enough about Mama…this is MY blog.



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  2. indyandlucy · July 25, 2015

    Ouch. Mom’s encounter left a scar.

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  3. Kismet · July 25, 2015

    Two hands? Most drivers in Arizona only use one hand and the other has the cell phone up to the ear. If one of them got what your mom got, they wouldn’t give up driving or the cell phone. Yes, I am cynical about this. About 10 years ago my peeps got rear ended on the freeway because they were slowing down in a 2 seater sports car because traffic was stopping for an accident ahead. The SUV behind them didn’t stop because the driver was on the cell phone and wasn’t paying attention. He wasn’t from Arizona but from Montreal and was therefore an amateur cell phone driver.


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