Pookie Revisited

Pug painting April 2015Mama loves all dogs, period.  So today, whilst she was pounding  out her two mile, once again comes Pookie, the Pomeranian, in full Ragtime blah blah mode. But something strikes Mama as different, so she of course stops and says:

Mama:  (Fondly) Get out of the street you little shit. You’re not listening to me!

Pookie:   Acoustical salvos, but has a different expression on her face, like hey, I’ll walk with you.

Mama:  Pookie, you’re not listening. Get back in your yard young lady.

Pookie: LIsten, I could be a lot of fun !

At this point, the Owner comes out, talking on cellphone, and says to whomever he is talking to, ” It’s just Pookie and some walker”. Pookie is angling towards Mama in a very friendly manner,  gets scooped up by owner, still firing auditory salvos, but has pasted on her sweetest smile.

Mama pounds on and soon, is surrounded by a flock of Geese and their wee ones. They let her walk right through, without any chasing or pecking.    Mama is going….dang…Noah’s Ark is around somewhere.

We now proceed to my walk, which has none of the excitement of Mama’s, however it is still nice outside and lots to pee on and mark. Fred, my little  5 year old boy pal down the street rushes to pet me.  By now it is 7:30 AM, 15 minutes past our target time of getting finished up before it gets really hot.  We get home and  dang, we’ve had it…..I go to my water bowl, Mama goes to the water bottles.  Time for Charlie Rose !

If Mama comes home with Pookie and a Goose, I will not be surprised In the least.  Later tonight, Mama’s beloved nephew calls to say there is a wee one on the way……can I come to the beach with Mama in August and meet all the great nieces and nephews?  Mama says, Sweetie, your Dad is not a dog fan, I will board him.   My hooman nephew says, Michele, bring the dog.  Dad will forget he’s here……. (his Dad has early Altzheimer’s onset.)  As horrible as this is, they have a big chuckle….so I guess Mama will be packing my bags again……Road Trip…..love it!



  1. Kismet · June 23, 2015

    Alzheimer’s isn’t great. My best to Dad. The upside is that you can beg for a treat and he won’t remember that you got one a minute ago. I’d rather have a whole Dad and less treats.

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    • Skyler Braveheart · June 23, 2015

      I am so sad for my brother in law. He is a lovely guy, very smart and kind. My sister in law has her hands full. Fortunately, their grown children have moved back to the same town with their families, and can be of some assistance.


  2. ginaandjordanandmolly · June 23, 2015

    Thank you for this amusing post. It made me forget about my tooth abscess for five minutes. The tooth has to be extracted but the dentist won’t do it before Thursday afternoon as he wants me to have a second course of antibiotics. So here’s me feeling oh so sorry for myself and you got me giggling there. Sorry about the Alzheimers bit and yes you would rather he did not have it but as Kismet says…..there is always the possibility of extra treats and the fact that you can go along for the ride. Pack your best swimsuit and enjoy the trip

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    • Skyler Braveheart · June 23, 2015

      Ooooh, how wretched about your tooth extractions! Glad we could distract you for a few. That is wretched pain. Mama is a bit concerned about how many carpet crunchers might also be there, who are to young to understand about dogs, but hope springs eternal !


  3. indyandlucy · June 23, 2015

    Who is the pug in the picture?

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  4. Skyler Braveheart · June 23, 2015

    That is a painting Mama bought when she was having my Valeria M and Stephen Foster framed. It was painted by a homeless man in Philadelphia. He went to Pennsylvania Academy of Art, and Mama likes a lot of his stuff since it reminds her of home. He prefers to live on the streets. Our framer gas a lot of his work. This is the only one she could afford. The Mater has named it Pug with Chicklet Teeth. She is going to look for him Friday when we are in Philadelphia for a Memorial Service. He apparently hangs in Rittenhouse Square, and Mama adores Rittenhouse Square. Many happy childhood memories.


  5. Lily Lau · June 26, 2015

    Mama and Pookie, what a lovely duo! 😀


  6. The Scottie Chronicles · July 7, 2015

    OOHHHHH….that’s why you were in Rittenhouse Square???? OK. I love me some Pookie and the Geese. Sounds like a fairy tale.

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    • Skyler Braveheart · July 7, 2015

      Yep, well for two reasons, but he was reason #1. Very disappointed he wasn’t there, BUT, she did get to commune with her very dear pal, the Goat. So one outta two ain’t bad. And, she met Roger Martin, a NC Sculptor and his wife. They were all looking at the same bronze of a huge lion, getting ready to dispatch a snake. Mama told them about the Goat, and they e-mailed her that they lived it
      . Roger works in bronze, and told Mama it was done by a student of Rodin!


      • The Scottie Chronicles · July 7, 2015

        OH….my peeps have been to the Rodin museum in Philly. Actually, I think I would LOVE to live in Philly. Maybe it wouldn’t be as humid as it is here and I wouldn’t have skin rashes????

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  7. Skyler Braveheart · July 7, 2015

    Well, we live in NC, and lack of humidity plus rain made for a most pleasant few days. But you might need to go as far as New Hampshire or Maine to stay comfy. Philadelphia can be miz in the Summer too….


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