For I Was Lost, But Now, I’m Found


Skylerbear with Jacky August 2014

So Mama and I went to visit a long time  friend  of Mama’s in SC.  I love to visit, because she has big wide porches, front and back, and a courtyard,  and we play ball all the time !  One morning, not being used to having a pup in the house, our friend opened a porch door,  not remembering it opened out onto the marsh, and I slipped out. Hey, it was just too tempting…..all those smells?  It took Mama about 5 minutes to realize I was AWOL, and she sprang into action.  I am chipped, but Mama realized the info on my tags was dated.  So she called our peeps back home, and asked them to check our land line.  Then, Mama set out on foot around the marsh, and then in the car, calling and calling my name.  Now Mama is super strong, but this was a setback. Our friend…

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