Am I Anxious? I don’t Think So……..

**Life Is Short Play With Your Dog

**Photo courtesy of Aunt Trisha Jones/The Adventures of Indy & Lucy

Now that Mama is home as opposed to being at work, I follow her around a lot…well really, all of the time, which we both thought was ok…until……………..she read something on Facebook that quoted the Caesar gentleman who is brilliant with dogs.  This article says that my following Mama suggests that I am anxious.   Now we are both puzzled.  We like spending time with each other.   I do get underfoot sometimes, but we sort that out.  I don’t destroy anything while she is out of the house, mostly I play with my toys or snooze.  I do get miffed sometimes when she leaves and I wasn’t given a ton of notice, so if the doors to the garbage can are not securely fastened with a rubber band, I have been known, just a VERY few times mind you, to get in there and pull the garbage out.  Mama tries to include me on  trips, as I am an excellent guest, and ALWAYS get invited back –  but there are, a very few times when I cannot be included . During those trips whilst I am boarded,  she could watch me in my Villa at the Kennel via her phone should she care to.  Dr. Pokey and our neighbor, Uncle Herb, a retired Vet,  have both told her over and over  that dogs don’t have any concept of time, so she could go to Europe with her friends for ten days and it would be just dandy with me.   She is still mulling that bit of Vet wisdom over.



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  2. indyandlucy · May 6, 2015

    I read that article and thought the guy was totally off base about the anxiety thing. Scotties enjoy sharing space, that’s all.

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  3. Cheryl Fugate · May 6, 2015

    You sound just fine to us. We follow mom around and then sometimes we don’t depends on if we are napping or there is interesting animal to be had. We have friends who have separation anxiety and trust us you don’t.

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    • Skyler Braveheart · May 7, 2015

      Phew, thanks! We didn’t think I had it, but that Ceasar dude is so respected. PawPaw always told her she worried WAY too much about me.


  4. Kismet · May 7, 2015

    If there’s a trip, you should go.

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