Huskies and Handgrenades

Skyler on bench BiCentennial Park April 27 2015

My rear pad looked like it was, wasn’t limping, so we went to the park yesterday.  There were two Huskys being walked, but they obviously knew of my powers cause they gave me a wide berth.  Everything was good till we got to the end of the circuit and Mama saw me begin to gimp along, , so we loaded up and came home. I proceeded to bug the bejesus out of Mama for the rest of the evening, well up into bed time, by chewing, so a good night’s sleep didn’t visit us.  This AM, we had to get up extra early cause Mama had a busy morning.  She tried to wash my feet before we left, but I said not just no, but hell know, so she put up the washcloth and set off. Now we will proceed to see why the Mater needs an anger management course.

1. Leaves car at dearlership to be cleaned and a  special sealant applied. Service Tech has the appt on his computer, but no loaner showing, even though he had reserved one.  So he had to call Enterprise.  Mama was  saying that she was only going 10 miles at the most, just give her a car from the new car lot, but oh no, Enterprise had to be called.

2.  At Enterprise, Mama is informed that she has a balance owing from last year when she was rear ended, and they can’t give her a car.  The Mater sez, listen to me very carefully.  This is NOT my balance, so get it off of my name, get me a car and get the car now, I have to got to a meeting.  A nice car is brought around..

3.  Mama gets car, and drives to meeting, where Attorney tells her she can’t attend because she doesn’t have proof of stock ownership.  The Mater gets very close to this man and says.  Listen, don’t fool around with be buddy, because I have not had a good morning.  I have already voted my proxy, I just want to hear the overall annual report. So sorry, sez the Attorney, I have already turned away a number of people who didn’t have the correct documentation.  Mama looks at him and says in her firmest voice, I am going to call my Broker.  He is going to fax over a copy of my statement as proof of my shares and you are going to accept it and let me to that meeting.  Do you understand me ?  Attorney backs off into the crowd.   Mama takes a chill pill and calls Norman,  gets statement faxed over, shows Attorney her position, and is admitted to the inter sanctum. One of the women says, don’t worry about bringing your statement next year dear…we will remember you!

That’s my Mama!  I haven’t licked since she got home!!!!!!!



  1. indyandlucy · April 28, 2015

    Ok Skyler, you need to be very good to the Mater cause this was one awful day.


  2. Kismet · April 28, 2015

    She doesn’t need anger management but some others in the story need incompetence management.


  3. ainsley · April 28, 2015

    Your mama must be part scottie


  4. Cheryl Fugate · April 28, 2015

    Smart ,very smart Scottie


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