What’s In a Name ?

Skyler Portrait 1 04 14

When Mama first heard about me, she liked everything she heard, except my name (at that time). Both of her previous Scotties had come to her with their formal and informal names, which was OK with the Mater, but here I was, a clean slate.  George became my interim name.  George was who Mama talked to Frances Schwartz and Kathy Nixon about.   George was written on the for: line on the check Mama wrote ASTRA.  George was recorded as my name at our Vet.  George kept sticking around.  We all waited for inspiration to strike. Long story short, several years prior,  Mama had to give up a Chow puppy who she had named Schuyler, when she left husband number two.  She agreed to give up the puppy to get  her two older Chows, and her two birds.  So, we can all see the ending here.  Mama still liked the name, but wanted a different spelling.  When she observed how fearless I am, Braveheart just seemed to be a great fit. So I finally got my real name, Skyler Braveheart, and I must admit….I like it!


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  1. indyandlucy · April 9, 2015

    It is a dignified Scottish name befitting a gentleman such as yourself.

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