April Fool, Part 2

Topiary Scottie from Driver's side April 1 2015

Topiary Scottie snuck into Uncle John’s car, and witness say, he did a darn good job of confusing Uncle John.  As  related to Mama, (who was mindful of the usual departure time, forgot it was tax season and Uncle would be departing extra early) Uncle started to get in his car…stopped, peered at driver, walked around to passenger side and peered in again….then finally let Topiary Scottie out of the vehicle and proceeded as usual.  Mama has been told that THERE WILL BE PAYBACKS……heh heh…..watch this space………



  1. indyandlucy · April 3, 2015

    Good one, Mama

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  2. indyandlucy · April 4, 2015

    Skyler, I just got the most wonderful present from you and the Mater….coffee cups from England. What a delightful surprise. Thank you very much and be sure to tell your mom.

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  3. Skyler Braveheart · April 5, 2015

    Ok Indyandlucy, will do!


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