April Fool !

Scottie Topiary from Susan Siler March 2015

PawPaw loved jokes, especially April Fool jokes.  So our next door neighbor, my Auntie Michelle and the Mater have cooked up a great one on to play on Michelle’s husband, my Uncle John…..he’s always telling Mama he will “take care of that dog” for $20.00 HAHA – it was funny the first 100 times.  So the Mater and Auntie and first came up with putting  PawPaw’s rubber snake in a kitchen drawer or in his car, but it was dismissed as ” too realistic ” looking.  So,  Aunt Michelle is going to put Topiary Scottie in Uncle Johns car tonight, and prop him up to look like he is driving !  Mama put a bandana on him, and he looks very nice if I do say so.  Stay tuned…if you hear a loud bang, hopefully it will be Uncle John becoming an April Fool ! …..PawPaw would be so proud !



  1. indyandlucy · March 31, 2015

    We am glad you decided against the snake.

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    • Skyler Braveheart · March 31, 2015

      Well, we were limited. He faints at the sight of blood…Mama wanted to go over there with an axe sticking out of her head, but they decided if he fainted, they couldn’t catch him before he hit the floor…..

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  2. susan rogers · April 2, 2015


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