A Cautionary Tale

GFS 45th Reunion

Mama just posted on FB today that if were already friends with her, and received another request, to discard it, because it led to a scam. She has seen those warnings from time to time, but finally, yes, cynical, paranoid Mama, who you would think would be smarter,  almost got snookered, and I am going to tell you briefly how it played out so it might not happen to you.

Mama is typing away on FB, when a private message from a  long time dear friend pops up, and it started out with the normal blah blah, ragtime nonsense, but quickly turned into something else.  In short, this friend wanted Mama to invest some money in order to get a very large Government grant, that did not need to be repaid, no business plan needed, etc, AND it is coming out of Harry Reid’s office (there is a fake Harry Reid FB page set up) –  here is the link you click on to get “qualified”.   “Friend” says she got $90,000, and paid $2,000 in processing fees.  Mama is first stage suspicious, but thought  it really could be her friend, and her friend is no dummy,  so she sez, can’t deal with this now, Duke is playing and my neighbor is having a C section (both true).  She asks if this person has a team in the Sweet Sixteen and does not get an answer.  Mama’s suspicions increased a gazillion fold.

Anyway, long story short, and yes there is a moral. “Friend” was not the real friend, fake FB page had been set up.   Harry Reid’s off icial FB page is a fake, and you don’t pay processing fees for Government grants. . But Mama was already suspicious, and generally  goes by her Attorney’s advice….if you are going to toss and turn over this, it’s not for you.  So the next day, she called a very good friend who used to work for a well known Senator,  who immediately confirmed it was a scam. The Mater spends the next hour PMing classmates  who have friended the scam FB page, to warn them. One had already been approached and realized it was a scam, another had received a friend request and accepted it, but hadn’t been approached yet.  We haven’t heard back from the others.  And, Mama emailed the friend whose account was hacked to warn her that she has an avatar out there.

SO……if it walks like a duck,  and quacks like a duck, it could really be a duck.  GIve the duck a firm NO thanks, or, even better, ignore the duck completely,  and  let it waddle on off, out of your life.



  1. angus fala worldwide · March 29, 2015

    Interesting – but – you a Duke fan, Skyler? You needs to root for my home state team of Wisconsin, y’know


  2. susan rogers · March 31, 2015

    OMG!! That’s AWFUL! So glad you were suspicious!


  3. Skyler Braveheart · March 31, 2015

    Yes, Polly Paranoid can be a girl ‘s best friend…..but it was a close call.


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