My Friends are Pawesome !

Skyler opening his box of treats from Oscar Dougall Finnegan June 5, 2014

Mama didn’t really have any Scottie friends till I arrived.  And then, oh boy, now we have a very tightknit  community, AND, we send each other pressies from time to time. My pals are very good to me, and now I have lots of great toys !  When Mama is buying me toys, she has very strict standards, cos I am a very active chewer and shaker.  So seams, stitching, durability are big issues. Kong for active chewer is my go to, and,  I  love balls, but no tennis balls, because I eat the fuzz off and then throw it up…..and it looks weird and Mama gags, and you get the picture. So she found some very sturdy balls and I have also been gifted with some great bouncy balls.  When I go for walks, Mama has to check my mouth because I have been known to carry Kong, Bucky and Chicklet outside and then drop them….so far, they have always been found.  One rainy day, Mama came home with a new Kong for me….I snuck it outside and dropped it in the storm sewer, and we watched as it sailed away, fresh from it’s package.  Mama got so angry she got back in the car and drove back to the pet supply store, walked in an  announced that I had “dropped the damn thing and it washed away” (they are used to Mama).  So she bought a replacement.  Several days later, coming back our walk,  we looked down for some reason, and there it was…..muddy, but in one piece.  So now,  there is a spare Kong in the cabinet,  a Kong in my travel crate,  a Kong upstairs and a Kong downstairs..  I will never be without a Kong. And, I have other great toys to play with too!  Thank you pals !  Your gifts are always  appreciated !


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  1. indyandlucy · March 27, 2015

    Lucy eats the fuzz off tennis balls too….yuk ~ Indy

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