Who needs a clock when there is me?

My schedule:

6 AM….start to wake Mama up.

6:30 AM…..get UP Mama !

6:35 AM…..no, you don’t need to brush your teeth or wash your face…..

6:40 AM……it’s gonna be a great day!

7AM….breakfast is served.

7:30AM-8AM…..First walkies of the day. Cover 1st half of our block…everything seems in order.

10 AM….yes, I want to go to the Park, put me in the car !

12 Noon….what do you mean, you have to go out and can’t take me?

12 noon – 2PM….talk amongst yourselves.

2 PM….cover 2nd half of block, including cul de sac.

3 PM   Toes up….nap time!

4 PM  Begin to agitate for 5 PM dinner….just a reminder to Mama that 5 PM is almost here…..


6 PM..you want to eat?  Such a novel idea…..

7 PM….Walkies

8:30 PM  Final tinkle before bedtime

11:30 PM….OMD, we are watching Jimmy Fallon ?????

MIdnight…..last final tinkle before bedtime.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   be sure to take up most of bed.  In case you can’t do that, sneak in and sleep right in front of the Mater, so she can’t turn over, or, get up without moving you.

Job Well Done,  Pilgrim…but where were the boiled eggs and devil ball troops?……as Angus Fala would say……



  1. indyandlucy · March 22, 2015

    Your Mom needs to fence in some of your yard so she doesn’t have to walk you in all kinds of temperatures

    Liked by 1 person

  2. angus fala worldwide · March 22, 2015

    Very comprehensive log of your day. You a scientist too right????

    Liked by 2 people

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